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Electronic Ticket Sales and Management

Our ticket sales coordination provides a comprehensive solution that includes event advertising, online ticket sales, electronic seat selection, venue mapping, sales reporting, ticket tracking and management of all event transactions.

Attendance & Time Entry

The BSC handles all employee attendance recording, time entry into the SAP system and printing of all required payroll reports each pay period. In addition, we provide a wide range of human resource actions such as iForm creation and processes required in the hire and separation of employment. The valuable expertise available to departments and schools ensures that all District employees served by the BSC are paid and processed accurately and timely.

Facility Rental

The BSC will process documents and ensure appropriate paperwork is received, obtain District approvals and set up online facility rental fees to be paid by the lessor.

Field Trip Coordination

Let the BSC be your field trip coordinators by arranging the logistics of field trip activities with the district transportation department and external transportation vendors, processing all required field trip documents, obtaining required administrative approvals, and communicating with your activity sponsors.

Supply & Equipment Distribution

The BSC provides packing slip review, physical distribution to staff, and online receiving.

By keeping up-to-date on your financial transactions, the BSC allows you to focus on your core services of student learning and achievement and district aligned initiatives. As part of our budgetkeeping service, we process your supply and equipment orders and account transactions as well as produce your comprehensive budget and status reports on a timely basis while helping you manage your budget.
BSC Budget Support Specialists are committed to providing you with efficient and flexible business financial transaction management in a professional manner.


The BSC keeps your internal accounting and financial transactions accurate and up-to-date, which gives schools greater opportunity to focus on student learning and achievement. As part of our bookkeeping services, we receipt cash collected from activity sponsors, write checks for internal account activity purchases, produce financial reports on a timely basis, process advertisements of school activities for online payments, and work with internal auditing staff. We work closely with schools to provide efficient internal account management.

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